Acupuncture is a treatment that has been used for over 2000 years to help the body reach a place of homeostasis (balance). Modern acupuncture uses hair-thin filiform needles that are inserted into different acupuncture points along the body. Inserting the needles will stimulate a physiological response to the body. We choose different points to stimulate depending on the individual patient and the specific symptoms and complaints.


Whereas standard acupuncture uses one needle at the treatment point, electroacupuncture uses two. In electroacupuncture (a.k.a. E-stim or electro-acupuncture), a low electric current passes between the two filiform needles in different acupuncture points. This increases the stimulation of the acupuncture points. Electroacupuncture enhances the healing effects of traditional acupuncture methods. But don’t worry–you should still not feel any pain, just some slight tingling or vibration at most.

Dry Needling

Although acupuncture and dry needling use needles to provide relief to the body, they are very different techniques. Dry needling is a newer method often used by physical therapists and sports therapists. Dry needling relieves muscle pain, tightness, and cramps, whereas acupuncture helps the body release endorphins and other healing chemicals within the body. But just like acupuncture, dry needling does not inject any liquid into the body.

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